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Kids work with cutting-edge AI to create GPT-4-powered games, art, music, video games, etc. Sign your child up to take part in the next technological revolution.
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Educational benefits

Adventure AI is a social game that takes place in discord. In "training school", kids work through a self-paced quest curriculum for whichever paths they're interested in (e.g., AI-assisted art, everything GPT, coding AI, etc.). Once they graduate from training school, they enter "world school" where they make creations that are competitive with real-world professionals in their chosen paths.

Engaging games

We take the AI tools that kids already like and make them even more engaging with games such as art duels.


Not boring. We strive to maximize intrinsic motivation in learning.

Real-world value

Students eventually graduate to "World School" where they make creations that a real-world market is willing to pay actual money for.

Social and Collaborative

Helping each other

Riffing on others' work

Talk in voice channels
(e.g., for team quests)

Pricing per month

Schedule onboarding on the sign up page.
100% money-back guarantee if you cancel within the first 30 days

All AI Tools (limited)


For kids who just want to play around with AIs without a curriculum.

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What's included:

  • Limited access to all AIs: 1000 credits that can be spent on
    - 250 Stable Diffusion images
    - 50 Midjourney-quality images
    - 500 ChatGPT messages
    - 55 GPT-4 messages
    - 250 seconds of MusicGen music
    - many more AIs
  • Community of awesome kids creating with AI

Unlimited AI + Curriculum


For kids who want to take full advantage of the Adventure AI opportunity.

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What's included:

  • Everything in the previous tier
  • Self-paced AI curriculum
  • World School
  • Unlimited AI usage

Small Group Class with AI Expert


For kids who want a weekly live class with the AI researcher developing Adventure AI.

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What's included:

  • Everthing in the previous tier
  • Weekly class with AI expert (founder)

Or, check out our summer camps.

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