Engaging Modern AI Summer Camps
Join a hands-on AI experience that focuses on creating what kids are interested in such as games, art, and much more. Enroll your kids in an Adventure AI summer camp now!
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Program Overview

This image was created in an Adventure AI Art Competition.

Kids aged 9-18 work with cutting-edge AI tools to create awesome stuff in their interest areas. Example creations include GPT-4-powered games, websites, amazing art, rocket diagrams, etc. Kids work in small group virtual classes with an AI expert that focuses on their interests. There are also self-paced GPT and art curriculums.


All the benefits included in a Adventure AI Camp

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Create what they’ve wanted but didn’t think was possible (e.g. GPT-4-powered games)

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Compete in cutting-edge AI competitions

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Learn to expertly prompt GPT and art AIs

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Community Access

Unlimited access to the community and AIs during the program

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Tailored feedback (only 5 kids per class)

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Flexible, custom options for you to choose from.

All options below are $500.

Weekday Camp Options:

Dates: Each day July 17 - 21. All times in Pacific (PST). Please adjust to your time zone.

10 AM - 12 PM

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2 PM - 4 PM

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5 PM - 7 PM

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Weekend Camp Options:

5 weekly classes, starting July 22 and ending August 20. All times in Pacific (PST). Please adjust to your time zone.

Saturdays at 10 AM - 12 PM

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Saturdays at 3 PM - 5 PM

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Sundays at 12 PM - 2 PM

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Sundays at 4 PM - 6 PM

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